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Abonitalla 2015 Grand Reunion


The Abonitalla Clan of Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental will once again hold its annual grand reunion on May 1, 2015 at the popular beach resort in Lagonglong, The Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool.

The Abonitalla family was originally a native of Cagayan de Oro City in the Kauswagan area which to this day its descendants have been living in that area.

One of our forefathers in the name of Faustino transferred in the eastern part of Misamis Oriental and one of its son in the name of Teodorico which is my direct great grand father settled in Lagonglong.

The Abonitalla Annual Reunion in Lagonglong started as a family reunion of the Teodorico Clan but after several yearly reunion it was decided that it will be expanded to the clan of Faustino Abonitalla and Cristina Saluper to make it more BIBO.

Here are the color coding of shirts we will wear to recognize our lineage easily:

Juan – Blue
Bonifacio – Red
Felicitas – White
Teodorico – Orange
Petra – Green
Eusebia – Yellow

All other Abonitalla families are welcome to join the event to meet and greet everyone. See you there!

I will be posting the happenings of the event after so watch out for the updates here on the website.


Photo credit by Del Carmen Beach & Swimming Pool FB Page


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  1. kita kits ta mga kaliwat ni Teodorico Abonitalla sa atong annual reunion sa Lagonglong!


    May 1, 2017 at 8:00 – 4:00 pm
    Emilio- Cresilda Llausas Residence
    Linggangao, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, 9005

    Theme: Like branches of a tree, our lives may GROW in different directions, yet our ROOTS remain as one.


    PART I.
    8:00-9:00 am : Arrival & Registration
    9:00-10:00 am : Thanks Giving Mass at the Venue

    PART II. Opening Program
    Invocation : Sound System
    National Anthem : Sound System
    Words of Welcome : Atty. Monina S. Llausas-Allen
    (from: Petra ‘Olis’ Abonitalla – Host Clan)
    Singing of Clan Song : (If We Hold on Together)

    To present the (6) siblings with their descendants and to give
    inspirational message:
    JUAN – Julito Abonitalla
    PETRA – Septembrena Ll. Llagas
    TEODORICO – Ms. Rebecca Damasing
    BONIFACIO – Arnold Abonitalla
    FELICITAS – Dr. Michael Sabal
    EUSEBIA – Victor Llausas, Jr.
    Presentation Number : (By Each Clan)

    ——- L U N C H ——–

    Socials / Acquaintances
    Parlos Games

    CLAN T-Shirt Color Coding:
    Juan – Blue
    Petra – Green
    Teodorico – Orange
    Bonifacio – Red
    Felicitas – White
    Eusebia – Yellow
    Working Committees:
    Registration : Ms. Joanne Ll. Llagas
    Ms. Rowena Ann D. Batan
    Ms. Karyl Angela Z. Palomero
    Ms. Estela C. Digo
    Program : Ms. Maria Christine L. Zaballero
    Ms. Anna Cresilda Z. Palomero
    Mrs. Carmen Rose D. Panlasigue
    Physical Arrangement : Ms. Maria Christine L. Zaballero
    Ms. Carmen Rose Panlasigue
    Mr. Rey Edmond L. Zaballero
    Tarpaulin : Atty. Maria Monina S. Llausas-Allen
    Nametags : Ms. Maria Christine L. Zaballero
    Sound System : Mr. Elden M. Echeveria
    Reception / Ushers : Ms. Angela Panlasigue
    Mr. Teddy Ll. Llagas
    Mr. Jofrey Bill ‘Teting’ B. Agawin
    Ms. Maria Mae Llausas

    EMCEE : Ms. Florina M. Gorres
    Mr. Victor Llausas, Jr.

    — Registration : Php10 per person

    Thank you for your support:

    Petra ‘Olis’ Abonitalla-Llausas Clan – HOST Clan
    Atty. Monina S. Llausas-Allen – Priest Stipend
    Mr. Arnold Abonitalla – Mass Choir
    All Clan Siblings – Door Prizes

  3. THANK YOU to the organizers of the ABONITALLA-SALUFER FAMILY GRAND REUNION especially to BON-PET CLAN (BONIFACIO LLAUSAS & PETRA ABONITALLA) who welcomed us all and hosted this year’s gathering. My grand mother is CONSUELO ABONITALLA LLAUSAS (Lola Choleng) of Balingasag who was married to METRANO ROA BEBILLO from Salay. I am the daughter of FLORESITA LLAUSAS BEBILLO (Mama Bebie) of Balingasag who married JOSE GENERALAO AGAWIN of Iligan Lanao del Norte. More power to all descendants of FAUSTINO ABONITALLA & CRISTINA SALUFER!

  4. THANK YOU also to Auntie Nonette for inspiring me to come into the event and for the support of cousins Anne and Che. That was the first reunion I attended from my mother’s grandmother side. PADAYON MGA KALIWAT!To GOD be the glory!

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