If you are born and grows here in Cagayan de Oro City you have definitely witness the transformation of our place from a quiet little town in the past and now a bustling city.

You may be longing for the place where there is no traffic and you know everyone when your going around the town. Unlike today the city have so much traffic and there are so many people already you don’t know anyone already.

Here are some old photos of the old Cagayan de Oro to bring us back to the old times. Photos are not mine, just contact us for if own some of the photos for acknowledgement.

American guardhouse in Cagayan de Misamis circa 1900

This is an old guard house when Cagayan de Oro City is still called Cagayan de Misamis circa 1900’s. Cagayan de Oro is not yet a city back then. Notice the mountains on the background? that is Malasag which is now the only forested area of the city but with communication towers on the top areas.


This is the old Cagayan de Oro City Cathedral before it was bombarded and was destroyed during World War 2. Notice the bell tower, it is still on the left side.


The old area of the now Gaston Park was field for the security forces with there barrack behind and the old Cagayan de Oro cathedral before World War 2.


The old plaza Divisoria back in the 1960’s. Notice the building on the left side corner? That is Tamparong building which is still standing today. The front corner is now the famous Jollibee fastfood with a new building already. Our Store once a famous store at the time can be seen on the picture.


This is the original design of the old Kiosko now revived and called now Kiosko Gawasan (Independence Kiosk) at the center of the Divisoria Plaza.

That’s it, we will now go back to the present from our travel back in time of the old Cagayan 🙂 I will look for more old photos to post here in the future.