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Saluper – Abonitalla first grand reunion

On May 1, 2010 will be the first Grand reunion of Tino and Cristina Saluper Abonitalla family.  It will be held at the Forest by the Bay in Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.

From the tales of the elders, Tino Abonitalla was married to Cristina Saluper a british descendent which they have children namely;  Petra “Olis”, Juan, Filicitas “Titing”, Teodorico and Bonifacio.

Petra was married to Bonifacio Llausas, Juan to Gervacia Bagaco,  Felicitas “Titing” to Sabal, Teodorico to Isabel Bagolantoy, Placida Dagala and Vicenta Valmores. Teodorico was married three times because he was widowed several times and have produce 18 children from his 3 wives.

Get to know our relatives and know more about your ancestors from the elders and reminiscence the past, join the first grand reunion of Saluper – Abonitalla on May 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi Greetings to all! First and Foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Florida Ramos Monsanto. I am the daughter of Placido Abonitalla Ramos of Baliwagan, Misamis Oriental. And my Grandmother’s name is Monica Abonitalla. I would like to ask if from what abonitalla clan do we belong.. Hoping to get a reply from you. Thank you and good day! =)

  2. hi. just happened to have come across your blog, but glad i did so. im an Abonitalla too. it’s such a relief to have someone like you posting stuff about cdo and spreading the abonitalla name. i’m actually a writer for a website that’s all about cagayan de oro. and im looking for material about the preparations for the coming city fiesta. was wondering if you have information. any help would be highly appreciated. n_n

  3. Hi Gillian, just checked your blog you have great writings there I like it a lot. Are you base here in Cagayan de Oro?

  4. Hello relatives. I am so glad to be able to find a website of our clan. I don’t have a record of my greatgrandfather and am searching if he has a brother or sister you may know. His name is Santiago Saluper born sometime in 1850s or 1860s somewhere in Lagonglong or Balingsag. He married an Englishwoman name Annie Brown in Australia. I have a complete record of all his children and grandchildren but none on him or his parents nor his brothers and sisters. Could Celestina Saluper and Cristina Saluper be his sisters or aunties? I appreciate your help on this. Thanks.

  5. hi eduard am so glad i saw also this blog,but your comment is right, one abonitalla saluper married an englishwoman anne brown etc, but sad to note our old old grandparents are now deceased and before my ma and pa used to tell us stories but we were not so keen then as we were still very young and got no interest on iot but now that am getting older i got interested but who to ask?maybe we met sometimes n compare notes, my cel is 09052608187.txt n lets talk k?before our next grand reunion comes. let me hear from you. God bless.

  6. Hello Virginia. Im here in Canada for the last 10 yrs and the cheapest way we can communicate is thru this or email. Im trying to locate an old land title in my file. Its under the Commonwealth of the Phils on a huge paper. It has more than fifty names (Abonitalla, Saluper)on it because they were the heirs of Ursula Amel. Her mother was an Abonitalla but her father was a rich Muslim. The land is located in Kauswagan. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of the clan living in Kauswagan.

  7. Hi.. Just opened the website and read about the 1st Grabd Reunion.. We are again celebrating our 2nd Grand Reunion on May 1, 2011 to be held at EMILIO ABONITALLA LLAUSAS Residence in Lingaangao, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. EMILIO is my grandfather. I am supplying our Programme of Activities for the ocassion. As chairperson for documentation and publication, I would like to request if you can do the write up for our 2nd Reunion. I hope to hear from you. Thank you and Regards.

  8. Programme

    6:00 AM – Regular Parish Mass
    8:00 AM – Arrival & Registration
    9:00 AM – Program

    Invocation – Dr/Col Santiago
    Casino Sabal
    National Anthem – Sound System

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the OLDEST of each Clan
    Juan Abonitalla Clan
    Teodorico Abonitalla Clan
    Petra ‘Olis’ Abonitalla-Llausas Clan
    Bonifacio Abonitalla Clan
    Felicitas Abonitalla-Sabal Clan


    Welcome Address – Verna S. Llausas-

    Flowers Offering & Silent Prayers in Honor of the late

    Intermission – Representative from
    Petra Clan


    Presentations – Representative from
    Teodorico Clan
    Representative from
    Juan Clan
    Repesentative from
    Bonifacio Clan
    Repesentative from
    Felicitas Clan
    Closing Remarks Nestor Abonitalla,
    Business Meeting & Election of Officers
    Master of Ceremonies – Homer Bana and
    Ponciano Bana

  9. iam gredion saarenas abas,my mother is eva saarenas abonitalla sa dalaga pa.akong grandmother si olympia “peping”abonitalla,iy parents si jose abonitalla & isadora salcedo.am i related to this clan?

  10. hi eduard you are right abonitalla clan hails from kausawagan although we hailed from lagonlong,mis.oriental as my grandpa teodorico married ladies from lagonglong,maybe your queeries will be answered when you come, why dont you joir our next reunion on may 1,2012 and from there you will learned many things.look for me.will discuss it with our cousins and relatived,hope to see you then. God bless,bebe o.abonitalla

  11. hello everyone..i am Aiza Abonitalla from Kauswagan,Cagayan de Oro..buti pa kau nkpgReunion unlike us wla tlaga..i reaaly appreciate na my site tau as Abonitalla.com..sana mn lng mgkkta2 tau mga Abonitalla even we dont know each other!! add nyo aq fb q aiza_abonitalla@yahoo.com anyway my father’s name is Jesus Abasolo Abonitalla he died last August2008..

  12. Hi… Here we are again… We will be celebrating our 3rd Grand Reunion this Tuesday. As usual, the big day is on May 1, 2012 to be held at Balingasag Central School, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental… I hope many of us will be able to attend… There will be a motorcade and a lot of exciting things to happen… Please confirm to our relatives the venue and time…

    I am posting as well our Programme of Activities that serves as our invitation…

    Thank you… See you all…


    May 1, 2012 at 8:00 – 4:00 pm
    Balingasag Central School
    Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, 9005

    Theme: “ Like Branches on a tree our
    lives may grow in different
    directions yet our roots
    remain as one.”

    -P R O G R A M M E-

    PART I
    8:00-9:00 AM : Arrival & Registration
    9:00-10:00 AM: Thanks Giving Mass
    St. Ritas Parish Church
    10:00-11:00 AM: Motorcade

    PART II – Opening Program
    Invocation : Sound System
    National Anthem : Sound System
    Words of Welcome: Arnold Abonitalla
    (Bonifacio Host Clan)
    Singing of Clan Song : (If we hold on together)

    Lunch Break … (BYOP)
    Brief History of Faustino-Cristina Abonitalla Clan : Mr. Homer Bana

    To present the (6) siblings with their descendants:
    ? JUAN
    ? PETRA

    Message: Atty. Ma. Monina Ll. Allen

    Presentation Number: ( By Clan)

    Socials / Acquaintances
    Parlor Games

    CLAN T-shirt Color Coding:
    Juan – Blue
    Petra – Green
    Teodorico – Orange
    Bonifacio – Red
    Felicitas – White
    Eusebia – Yellow

    Working Committees:

    Registration : Ms. Christine L. Zaballero
    Joanne L. Llagas
    Angela Panlasigue
    Rebecca A. Damasing

    Program : Ms. MM Llausas
    Mr. Arnold Abonitalla

    Physical Arrangement : Teddy Llagas & Company

    Streamers/Tarpaulin : MM & Ricky Llausas

    Nametags : Ms. Maria Christine L. Zaballero

    Sound System : Mr. Arnold Abonitalla

    Reception/Ushers: “ Whoever is available”
    Any Representative from the host”

    EMCEE : Hon. Ponciano Bana

    —- Registration: P25 per person—

    2012 Officers:

    President : Maria Mae L. Llausas

    V-President : Michael Abonitalla

    Secretary : Maria Christine L. Zaballero

    Asst. Secretary: Teddy Leonard L. Llagas

    Treasurer : Rebecca Damasing


    Thank for your support:

    Bonifacio Abonitalla Clan – HOST

    Vice-Governor Norris C. Babiera – Streamers

    Eusebia R. Hallazgo – Mass Choir

    Felicitas Sabal Clan – Priest Stipend

    Atty. Maria Monina L. Allen – Tokens & Tarpaulins

    Rebecca Damasing – Sound System Operator

    Eliseo Chacon Family – Videoke Rental

  14. @EduardLaureta
    My greetings to all!

    Hi! I’m sorry to have come across your post this long, but i wont let it pass. I’m pretty sure your relative Santiago Saluper was a brother of my greatgrandmother as told to me by my late father. Santiago had a son whom i just called Iyo Juanie whose sons Oliver and Gregory were my friends and acknowledged relatives. Iyo Juanie had a caucasian physical profile. I know also for a fact that Iyo Juanie had one or two sisters. One of them was Iya Boning who married the wealthy Rodriguez family of Gingoog, her son became its past mayor. By some accounts i also knew the former Governor Ruthie Guingona was also a relative from that branch of the family tree. Oliver and Gregory and their sisters Minda and Eva frequented the Guingona and Rodriguez households in Gingoog.

  15. @Eduard Laureta

    I remember Iyo Juanie Saluper had two other children from previous marriage. One was married to the Lagsa family and the other one was Roland Saluper. Could you by any chance have knowledge of them or your immediate relatives?
    Thanks and God Bless..

  16. Hi relatives, im Ollie Saluper, son of Hover Saluper the son of my Lolo Roland Saluper. We live in Kauswagan, CDO.

  17. Hello to All!!!! I am soo glad I decided to research “our” relatives!!!! My Mom is a de Lara…she is one of the daughters of Lola Turing …the only child of Annie Brown …my Grandmother…. Victoria Saluper de Lara!! you can contact me at 916-425-5225 my email is ajbarcelon@gmail.com…. Peter Abonitalla Tita Ruthie Guingona or Tita “Ting” is the elder sister of my Mom, Annie de Lara…obviously named after our ancestors….so glad I “stumbled on this page!!!!

  18. Also, the “house” is still there in Gingoog…on de Lara street!! my parents have retired in CDO…i hope to go home this year….I live in West Sacramento, Ca.

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