On May 1, 2010 will be the first Grand reunion of Tino and Cristina Saluper Abonitalla family.  It will be held at the Forest by the Bay in Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.

From the tales of the elders, Tino Abonitalla was married to Cristina Saluper a british descendent which they have children namely;  Petra “Olis”, Juan, Filicitas “Titing”, Teodorico and Bonifacio.

Petra was married to Bonifacio Llausas, Juan to Gervacia Bagaco,  Felicitas “Titing” to Sabal, Teodorico to Isabel Bagolantoy, Placida Dagala and Vicenta Valmores. Teodorico was married three times because he was widowed several times and have produce 18 children from his 3 wives.

Get to know our relatives and know more about your ancestors from the elders and reminiscence the past, join the first grand reunion of Saluper – Abonitalla on May 1, 2010.