A new pasulobong products is emerging in Cagayan de Oro City, this is Chino’s Deli. A local meat processing business that was recently launched by Mr. Jonathan Mempin together with his lovely wife Mary Ann whom they just married this year. There meat deli products are made from there old traditional family recipe and further improved by his brother who is a chef in Boracay now and from which the name came from whose elder brothers name is Chino.

Chino’s Deli is quite different with other known local processed meat, they specialize in home-made meat deli products from quality choice meat cuts of reputable meat suppliers. Apart from a quality meat there meat deli products contains no artificial flavorings, colorings or any extenders, only the finist spices and herbs are used.

Must try is there smoked chorizo, you will definitely love it.

Cagayan de Oro Pasalubong - Chinos Deli

Here are there available products with their corresponding prices.

Smoked Chorizon – P130 for 500g

Skinless Longganisa – P135 for 500g

Pork Tocino – P140 for 500g

Beef Tapa – P230 for 500g

Bacon – P230 for 500g

They also have other packs like 1 kilo and more for institutions. Try it! This will definitely another Cagayan de Oro pasalubong.