With the internet, the world has become a much smaller place, and that certainly extends to the academic world. There are more distance education universities available to prospective students than at any other time in history. I currently have three friends who are taking advantage of the convenience of distance education universities and said they could not imagine getting their educations any other way. They have told me that while it does take discipline to complete their courses, they really enjoy this option.

The University of Phoenix is really the first of the distance education universities that I remember starting to advertise seriously for its services. I know a number of people who have decided to pursue a degree from this university and have been quite happy with the results. They have told me that they have received a great education and said they did not have a difficult time finding a job once they had graduated. They told me that they it was very convenient for them for a couple of reasons and said they were glad they made the decision to go that route.

One of the big things that I always hear about distance education universities is that they are very convenient for people who have a lot of time constraints. It allows them to work on their own when they have the time rather than feel constrained by a set schedule. A lot of people really like that idea. Another thing that I hear about such universities is that their students do not have to worry about a commute each day, which they would have to do if they were attending a traditional university.

I currently have three co-workers who attended distance education universities who said they were a bit concerned when they tried to hire on with our employer. They said they were not sure how a distance education school would be viewed in the eyes of our employer, but said they did not hear anything negative at all and said that they were offered jobs on their first interviews. That was when it really hit me that not only are distance education universities becoming more prevalent, but that they are also more respected than they once were.

Distance education universities appear to be the wave of the future. Even traditional universities are offering a lot more distance education plans. It’s not that I think that the traditional university will ever go away entirely, but I do believe that distance education is a nice option to have. I know that a lot of my co-workers and friends agree with that.