SM City Cagayan de Oro is one of the major shopping center in the City. It is located in the upper Carmen area within the Pueblo de Oro town ship. The SM City Mall in Cagayan de Oro is situated over a mountain top which is becoming a little town in itself with the many residences within several subdivisions in the vicinity.

SM City Cagayan de Oro is now dubbed as an uptown mall in the city as I mention awhile ago it is situated on a mountain top. Whenever I go shopping I specially prefer going to SM City since it’s not very crowded especially during weekdays unlike the other malls in downtown area which is very crowded with different kinds of people. The parking place is also good with its multi-story parking building, it is very comfortable specially when it is raining and unlike in the other malls you have to run in the open parking lot to get in the car, and during hot days where the sun can heat-up the interior of the car uncomfortably after going around the mall its very uneasy if it’s not a covered parking which is also very advantageous if you go to SM City since there parking building is very cool and inside the building.

One thing I also like going to SM City is because it’s not a flood prone area and you will not be worried when there is a heavy down pour where it can get you stuck inside the mall for long hours with nothing to do since you cannot go to your car with the flooded parking lot which I already experience in the downtown area mall.

Right now I’m blogging inside the SM City mall with the launching of their newly setup free Wi-Fi Internet access all over the mall and it’s quite fast and I hope these will be maintain and continued to be free. I now have more reasons to standby inside the SM City mall with its several good coffee shops along the hall way.