Dahilayan in Manolo Fortich Bukidnon is not just known for zip line adventures but also for other mountain fun and adventure. The weather is very cool like you are in the states. Overnight stay in Dahilayan can also be so much fun with bonfire to keep you warm specially with someone. There are cottages to stay there overnight and one of them is Saddle Ridge Camp, checkout the rates below for your guide. Keep on following us on this site for more updates about Dahilayan experience.

Saddle Ridge Camp overnight lodging:
Rolling House (good for 4-5 pax) P2,500
Upper Rooms (good for 4-6 pax) P2,000
Upper Rooms (2-3 pax) P1,000
Nipa Hut (2-3 pax) P800
Van Wagon (4-6 pax) P2,000

For more information and booking please call 0922.884.4856. Tell them you find there info on this site.