The CDOBloggers, Inc. a group of bloggers in Cagayan de Oro has a little project to use the keyword CDO Guide to help promote the city of Cagayan de Oro which CDO is derive from.

One aim of the group is to promote Cagayan de Oro to the rest of the world thru blogging. As an active member of this group I also serve as a CDO Guide to help promote Cagayan de Oro in my own little way. I grew up and was born here in the city, I have witness the place from a very sleepy town to a bustling city today.

To my friends and relatives from far away country, if you happen to visit Cagayan de Oro City let me know and I’ll be your CDO Guide that will tour you around every nook and cranny of the city you wanted to see and experience. If you are also looking for CDO properties, I’ll be happy to tour you around also to recent real estate developments in the city.